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It seems like the people of the PDIS project have been busy these past weeks. That appuifw compatibility layer of theirs is now also available for Windows and Linux. It's sort of like the Symbian emulator, only it emulates the Python-level API instead of the C++ level API. They also provide an alternate socket module that you can use for noninteractive Bluetooth discovery.

In other news, Christopher Schmidt wrote this TrafficCam app as a response to the winning entry in Macromedia's Flash Lite contest. The Flash app has some pretty gorgeus eye candy, but I bet adding the traffic cameras of your home town to it is not as easy as with the Python version... and, well, 45 minutes from zero to the first working version is pretty damn fast. (Biased? Who, me? :)

Matt's wiki has links to these and more. Oh, and people: if the Python bites you, remember to warn others at the PythonGotchas page.


At March 1, 2005 at 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blis 'em little PDIS people ... just what i need


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